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KIDNEY STONES (nephrolithiasis)

Pyridoxine alone, or taken with magnesium, may decrease urinary oxalate levels which can contribute to a certain type of kidney stones. Higher pyridoxine intake has been associated with decreased risk of kidney stone formation. Benefit has not been proven in other types of kidney stones such as those associated with high urinary calcium, phosphorus, and creatinine.


Prevents calcium excretion and increases citrate formation.


Reduces oxalate formation and increases citrate formation.


There is some evidence that taking pyridoxine orally may improve symptoms of PMS such as breast pain or tenderness (mastalgia) and PMS-related depression in some patients. Pyridoxine 50mg per day plus magnesium oxide 200mg per day seemed to relieve PMS-related anxiety.

Magnesium :

Reduces excess calcium entry thereby reduces breast tenderness and cramps


Normalises serotonin secretin and relieves irritability.