Healers is the realization of a dream; Of a keen desire to play a meaningful role, however small, of touching people's lives thru their well-being; Of creating Win-win patients, Doctors, and the trade;

The dreamer, Mr.SMSathe has been a successful Leader for more than Thity five years in one of the fastest growing companies in the country; Starting at the bottom, growing step-by-step in responsibility, reputation and skills to become the leader of the marketing team in charge of South;

We had also decided to try out a new marketing model where in under single umbrella we can accommodate number of effective partners taking care of different areas known to them. The central idea was to offer ready basket of innovative products, effective promotional tools and good supply chain where by investment needs of partner / business associates are totally met. It attracted number of experienced pharma personnel who had yearning to launch and succeed with newer molecules, utilize contacts built over years and share profits with the company retaining independence and self identity. Business Associates are our extension in the area of their choice. Business Associates are also contributing handsomely to various facets of product development and marketing. They can also be investor in the company by their contributions.

In this arrangement, individuals contribute their best, being assured of every team member doing likewise; The best manufacturing practices combine with the best marketing practices to benefit the patient, the Doctor, the stockiest and the retailers; This concept has been successfully actualized by 35 individuals spread across INDIA. More of them are expected to participate in the coming months.

With a forward looking range of NEUTRACEUTICAL products in various segments including,ASTHMA,ARTHRITIS,CARDIO-VASCULAR COMPLICATIONS, CANCER,DIABETES AND,SKIN DISORDERS healers have added cephalosporins, Azalides, Analgesic/Anti-inflammatories,Anti-ulcerants,Pre/probitics and specialty anti-oxidants to cater to the day to day needs, Healers and its associates are confident of the results for their patients and Doctors.

HEALERS has been successful in carrying this message and it reflects in the turnovers over the years. Healers has crossed landmarks consistently and has crossed the One-crore mark way back;

Come, Join us as associate in wealth-care revolution!!!